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Mortuary Assistance

  Originally conceived by the Board of Directors and management in 1975 as an added service and insurance for the loan of members in case of death.  This program provides financial assistance to the family of the deceased members.


Open to all TMC members who are:

  1. a)      18 to 70 years old
  2. b)      In good health and condition


  1. Death Certificate (Original & Certified True/Xerox Copy)
  2. Passbook/s
  3. Identification Form (c/o TMC)
  4. Claimant’s Statement Form (c/o TMC)
  5. Identification of Claimant
    • If SINGE
      • Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate (2 copies)
      • Passbook/s (if member)
      • Valid ID (1 copy)
      • Cedula (1 copy)
    1. Marriage Contract (2 copies)
    2. Passbook/s (if member)
    3. Valid ID (1 copy)
    4. Cedula (1 copy)


Category AGE BRACKET Contr. Per Death. Min. Sav. Dep.
Regular 18 yrs to 65 yrs. old P  2.00 P1,000.00


  50 yrs. & 1 day. up to 60 yrs. Old P  5.00 P2,000.00


  60 yrs. & 1 day up to 70 yrs. Old


P  10.00 P3,000.00


Contributions shall be automatically deducted from the members’ savings deposits upon the presentation of death certificates by the beneficiaries.


  1. a)      NO NOTICE shall be served to the member regarding the exhaustion (zero-balance) of his Savings Deposit as this is one of his duties – to visit his Cooperative in order to know the status of his deposit and make the necessary replenishments.
  2. b)      When Savings Deposit is exhausted or ZERO BALANCE, membership to the Mortuary (Saranay) Program automatically ceases/stops, and:
  3. c)       If during this period of “zero balance” in savings deposit, and member dies, NO AID will be given.
  4. d)      If still alive, and member is healthy and can walk by himself to the TMC Office and should wish to be re-instated, he may do so by complying with some requirements.


  1. a)      Must appear personally to the Manager during Office hours to show himself that his physical condition is healthy and can walk alone;
  2. b)      Shall pay all his arrears in his mortuary contributions;
  3. c)       Shall make a Savings Deposit in the amount that is required under the age category he belongs to; and
  4. d)      EVEN IF still alive, but member is already sick, can no longer walk by himself, and cannot personally appear to the Manager during Office hours, RE-INSTATEMENT / RE-ACTIVATION of membership to the Mortuary Program is no longer accepted.  Should such member die, NO mortuary aid will be given to the beneficiary/ies.

Vi. Claims

How to claim the aid when an active member of the mortuary program dies:

  1. Designated beneficiary (ies) shall notify the Office by submitting the following:
  2. Passbooks of the member-decedent
  3. Death Certificate issued by the local Civil Registrar
  4. Valid ID cards of the beneficiaries.
  1. In case a representative claims in behalf of the beneficiary/ies, a duly notarized authorization shall be required along with acceptable valid ID cards aside from those above-mentioned requirements.
  1. Said beneficiary (ies) shall receive the aid LESS indebtedness/liabilities of the deceased, if any.

Ø  An advance amount of aid is usually given after determining the indebtedness/liability of the deceased, while the remaining aid shall be claimed as advised after a few days to give management sufficient time to compute the exact amount of mortuary benefits.

Ø  Any liabilities as a co-maker to other members shall be a ground to withhold some of the deposits of the deceased corresponding to such liabilities pending settlement of the loan. Otherwise, such liabilities are deducted outright from the mortuary benefits.